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The school accepts the proposal of CBSE with regard to semesterisation in examination. There will be two semester examinations, i.e., in September-October and February-March. Periodic Tests are held regularly. Academic and non-academic performance will be considered for promotion, and students negligent in non-academic subjects will be graded accordingly.

For any valid reason, if a student is absent from any examination the application for the same must be submitted to the Principal and get the same sanctioned in advance. The result of the examination is final and cannot be reconsidered. Promotions will be based on the average performance of the year.

The academic year’s record of work consists of: (1) The day-to-day written work including composition, homework and daily lessons (2) Average performance on non-academic activities

Any student using unfair means in any form during tests will be given zero in all the subjects and a warning letter.

Repetition of the same will result in debarring him / her from taking further examination. MERIT CERTIFICATES are awarded after each examination to those students who get 100 percent marks in any subject. BEHAVIOUR MERIT CARDS are awarded to students who are outstanding in this respect at any time of the year. A student who repeats the same class twice will not be allowed, in any case, to continue for the third year.